Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 24: Kindermat

Today has been filled with Kindergarten preparations.  First, there were the shots (insane screaming and kicking included).  Then there was school shopping, Kindermat cover making, and well that's about it.  But all that took all day...pretty much.  The little mat cover was such a hit Chickie contemplated sleeping on it at bed time.  But after a comparison she determined that her bed is indeed, more comfortable.  It's two am and I'm still awake. Curse this 30 days of blogging.  Who's idea was that anyway??  
So I haven't ran in like, for-ever.  It's amazing that I don't weigh 500 lbs by know.  I think I probably have lost weight.  Although I wouldn't actually know because my pretty pink scale is packed away in storage land.  Probably have managed to stay the same size because of the constant running around all day and night long.  I'm feeling a bit ragged at this point.  But good ragged, as items on to-do list keep getting crossed off.  If this is incoherent, is 2 a.m. what do you expect.  I have to go find my sleep mask now, or as I like to call it... the blanket for my eyes.


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Beth said...

How fun is that mat cover?! I love it, and while Chickie is striking a cute pose, Bentley looks like he is really thinking about taking a nap! SO cute!!

Kathryn said...

Why would you weigh 500lbs? Too many of your yummy baked goods. Love the cover! Never thought to do that. It will be a hit! Everyone will go home and ask their mom to make them one now. This 30 day thing is a killer. I'm running out of ideas and I'm only on day 10. Maybe I'll go to 15 and call it good. :)

Bentley and Chickie, oh how I miss them. They are growing up even without me there. Sad.

Amber said...

You have a pink scale? Maybe if it were pretty, it would be more joyful to stand on? Joy is not what I feel when I stand on the scale now... but perhaps if it were pink? I love you!