Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 23: dresser mania

We are almost all done with moving.  We have to bring over our playset and make some curtains and we will be all set.  So here is a little peak into our new home.  This is our first dresser in 8 years!  The real shame is that I don't have a before picture.  It was pretty beat up and ugly brown.  Chris found it somewhere.  For some reason we are both really good at finding diamonds in the rough, at least when it pertains to free furniture.  The middle panel opens up and there are three more drawers in there. 

We used to have a dresser that I didn't like. I got rid of it thinking if we didn't have one we would have to get a new one eventually.  Well, I was right.  It's just that I didn't realize it would take us so long!


mindy said...

cute dresser!

Kathryn said...

You find all the good deals! I believe it is a talent my friend. I LOVE the blue. I'm in a blue phase right now. Love it! You are such a great decorator! I need you to come decorate my house. Done deal, come and see me. :)

Kathryn said...

Question? I noticed that in your "findings" you don't have a rug under your couches or chairs even though it is on hardwood. Doesn't it scratch? I just don't know if I want to spend a butt load of money on a huge rug if I don't have to. What are your thoughts? Where is a good place to get rugs and if I brib you and pay you will you make a canvas rug for me? HA! That would be awesome. I just thought of that while I was typing.

andrea said...

Yeah, it scratches. I use those little things that are supposed to stick to the bottoms of legs, but they always fall off.

I have been working--or not working on my canvas rug for over a year now. Sad. I would be tempted for Christmas (at Thanksgiving), but how would you get it home???

About the picture sizing me.